Partner with the ITN

Our Goals

To identify and develop tolerance modulating therapies for the treatment of immune mediated diseases and disabling conditions.

To conduct high quality, innovative clinical trials and mechanistic studies not likely to be funded by other sources or to be conducted by private industry that advance our understanding of immunological disorders.

Why partner with the ITN?

The ITN develops, funds and conducts combined clinical trials and mechanistic analyses by fostering collaboration beween academic, governmental and industry researchers. Our development model is a unique, interactive process. It capitalizes on our wide-ranging, multidisciplinary expertise provided by an advisory board of highly respected faculty from institutions worldwide. This model gives investigators special insight into developing high quality research studies.

The ITN is comprised of leading scientific and medical faculty from more than 50 institutions in 10 countries worldwide and employs over 60 full-time staff at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), Bethesda, Maryland and Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle, Washington.

For questions about partnering with the ITN, please contact:

Philip Bernstein, PhD
Executive Director, Strategic Review, Planning & Communication
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Phone: (240) 235-6132