Call for Proposals: Clinical Trials of Psoriasis and Autoimmune Dermatological Disorders

June 19, 2009 -- 

The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) is seeking ‘Proposal Outlines’ for novel clinical trials designed to induce immune tolerance in psoriasis and other autoimmune skin disorders, including those mediated by autoantibodies such as pemphigus and pemphigoid.

A special assessment group has been convened by the ITN to consider these proposals. The review process will focus on evaluating the conceptual framework of the proposed trial, its significance and its suitability for further development; it does not require submission of a detailed clinical protocol.

Successful proposals will be those that describe innovative approaches to studying tolerance that will advance both clinical care and our understanding of tolerance in autoimmune skin disorders. The ideal strategy would have strong preclinical data, with a known mechanism of tolerance induction and/or be amenable to mechanistic assays investigating this mechanism. The ITN is particularly interested in proposals for phase I/II and phase II trials.

Examples of pertinent topics include (but are not limited to): novel therapies for the inhibition of lymphocyte activation or migration; inhibition of cytokine production or activity; T cell depletion and immune deviation strategies, including not-yet-approved biologics for psoriasis.

Proposals are welcome from academic, government and industry-based investigators.

Deadline for receipt of proposals is 30 August 2009; earlier submissions are encouraged.

Proposal Instructions

Proposals should be no more than two pages in length and should include the following information:

  • Name, title, and institution of principle investigator (PI), co-investigator and/or key collaborator(s)
  • Brief description of proposed clinical trial, including the scientific basis and rationale, evidence for tolerance induction, clinical implications, feasibility, potential mechanistic studies and tolerance assays that should accompany the trial, and references to published or preliminary data (preliminary data need not be presented in detail)
  • Biosketches of PI and co-investigators and collaborators (does not count toward page limit)

Please direct all proposal submissions and any questions concerning this RFP to:

Philip Bernstein
Executive Director of Scientific Review
Tel: (240) 235-6132


This document is available for download as a pdf: ITN_Psoriasis_RFP_2009.08.30.pdf