Public Launch of ITN TrialShare: The ITN’s New Clinical Trials Research Portal

January 11, 2013 -- 

The ITN is pleased to announce the public launch of ITN TrialShare, its new clinical trials research portal. This system represents a significant leap forward in data sharing and transparency, collaborative hypothesis generation and specimen sharing between the ITN and the broader scientific community.

TrialShare has been created to facilitate the dissemination of trial data by making clinical and research assay data from published studies available. Besides the raw data, TrialShare provides tools for researchers to both reproduce published analyses and perform novel investigations. TrialShare also contains the ITN specimen repository, so that users external to the trial can request available specimens and design additional experiments based on the data and the samples that are available.

Currently, ITN TrialShare has data associated with four published manuscripts available for public viewing:

  1. Identification of a B cell signature associated with renal transplant tolerance in humans (link)
  2. Rituximab versus cyclophosphamide for ANCA-associated vasculitis (link)
  3. Omalizumab pretreatment decreases acute reactions after rush immunotherapy for ragweed-induced seasonal allergic rhinitis (link)
  4. Complete immunosuppression withdrawal and subsequent allograft function among pediatric recipients of parental living donor liver transplants (link)

In the coming months, additional studies and manuscript data sets will continue to be added.

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