Partner with the ITN

The ITN develops, funds and conducts clinical trials with integrated mechanistic analyses by fostering collaboration between academic, governmental and industry researchers. The ITN's development model is a unique, interactive process that facilitates the design of high-quality, mechanism-driven tolerance trials. This process capitalizes on ITN's wide-ranging, multidisciplinary expertise provided by an advisory board of highly respected faculty from institutions worldwide. 

Partnerships with ITN can take a variety of forms, including (but not limited to) full clinical study development, support for novel mechanistic assays to accompany innovative trials or providing clinical specimens for biomarker research. More information about submitting proposals for clinical trials or tolerance assays can be found here, and an inventory of available samples is available on the ITN’s clinical trials research portal, TrialShare.

For other questions about partnering with the ITN, please contact:

Philip Bernstein, PhD
Executive Director, Strategic Review, Planning & Communication
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Phone: (240) 235-6132