ITN TrialShare is a clinical trials research portal that was created to promote the sharing of information about ITN's clinical studies and specimen bio-repository with the scientific research community. TrialShare was developed by ITN with the goal of promoting transparency, reproducibility and scientific collaboration.

TrialShare enables researchers to share the results of clinical trial data in an open and transparent manner, while protecting the privacy and anonymity of study participants by de-identifying participant level data. ITN makes the underlying data from all published studies, regardless of outcome, available through TrialShare. Researchers can access raw study data, confirm published conclusions and interactively perform their own exploratory analyses using these data. TrialShare also provides access to the ITN specimen repository inventory available for further research. Scientists external to the ITN can request these specimens for use in their own follow-up experiments based on data and supporting information.

TrialShare currently contains the clinical and mechanistic assay data from more than:

  • 35 clinical trials
  • 3,200 participants
  • 72,00 study visits

Access ITN's clinical trial data and biorepository samples by creating a free account at


2014 National Academies of Sciences Data and Information Challenge 

National Academies Board on Research Data and Information Challenge

ITN TrialShare won the Academies Board on Research Data and Information Challenge, themed "Using Data for the Public Good." The challenge was created to increase awareness of current issues surrounding the collection and use of scientific research data, including accessibility, integration and reproducibility; as well as promoting new opportunities for novel analyses, allowing for maximum societal benefit from the available data.


2013 Bio-IT World Best Practice Awards

ITN TrialShare won Honorable Mention in these Bio-IT World awards, which "recognize organizations for their outstanding innovations and excellence in the use of technologies and novel business strategies that will advance biomedical and translational research, drug development and/or clinical trials."


 ITN TrialShare was developed using the open source LabKey Server software platform.