HLA-Typing Core

Principal Investigator

Rajalingam Raja | UCSF | San Francisco, CA


As part of its ongoing mission to understand the underlying basis of immune cell tolerance induction in autoimmune diseases, allergy and asthma, and transplant rejection, the Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) is establishing an HLA Typing Core laboratory as part of its ongoing tolerance assay development program to support ITN sponsored clinical trials.

The primary goal of the HLA Typing Core is to provide sequence level typing using DNA collected from participants in ITN trials. This information will be used to compare with other ITN assay data and clinical data to help elucidate markers of disease and/or mechanisms of clinical immune tolerance.

Core capabilities and functions include:

  • A complete Class II haplotype for all ITN specimens, including fine typing of DQ and DR beta
  • SNP analysis of the insulin VNTR
  • Class I sequence level typing
  • Regular and thorough quality control testing